A Brief History of Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay

Here at Hurren Accountants, we’re no stranger to shouting from the rooftops about our proud heritage. Our office in Whitley Bay means we can provide our long list of accounting and business advisory services to sole traders, start-ups and small to medium sized businesses throughout the North East of England, and we are very proud to be based in the area!
Whitley Bay itself is a place renowned for its history so we thought we’d use this blog entry to reflect on times that have past and times that are still to come for this vibrant, seaside town.

Made more than 2,000 years ago…

Our accountancy practice first opened its doors in 1988 but Whitley Bay itself was established some 2,000 years ago, a life span that puts even us to shame as one of the area’s longest running businesses. The town was founded by the Angles who crossed the sea in search of a new settlement, and over the years the area has been referred to by many names, including Witelei, Whitlawe, Whitlathe and Wytheleye. The name Whitley however means ‘white lea’ or pasture land, a title that highlights just one of the reasons why it has been a popular and thriving place to live and work since its foundation.

First mentioned in our history books in the 12th century, Whitley Bay has garnered a number of royal and religious connections. In addition to being mentioned in the charters of King Henry I, King Henry II, King Richard I and King John, the bay was also linked to the Crusades and was subsequently used as currency to cover expenses associated with a trip to the Holy Land.

The area today

Now part of Tyne and Wear, despite it being historically referred to as an area in Northumberland, the modern day Whitley Bay portrays a very different picture. In addition to offering beautiful coastal scenery just 9 miles away from Newcastle upon Tyne, the town has attracted much investment and regeneration in recent years with iconic landmarks like the Spanish City Dome undergoing redevelopment. A number of new facilities have also been added since making Whitley Bay an exciting place to visit and call home.

Proud to be from the bay

Still a much loved seaside resort, Whitley Bay is also a great place to do business and from our local office we have been able to assist companies and individuals from all walks of life with our professional accounting services. Whitley Bay has provided the perfect hub for us and we look forward to continuing our work with clients based in and around the area.

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